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Audit & Forensic

All businesses, regardless of size or type, need proper governance principles to deter potential unethical behavior.

Our specialised forensic audits and investigations are intended to detect, prevent and respond to fraud, misconduct and general non-compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, policies and procedures in an organisation.

Audit & Forencic Team Leader

Chantel Elliott

Audit & Forensic Services

In a fast changing business world it makes sense to reconsider the audit process. The Companies Act amendments shift in focus will be in the review process.

Where an audit is required by statute we undertake to add value to your audit wherever we can.

We utilize the latest audit techniques and systems and with our attention to detail we are able to protect our client’s interests while remaining independent.

Why use a audit or review of your systems or controls?

Our expertise covers most sectors of the economy, from small trading companies, to manufacturing concerns and professional services. We add value to our lateral thinking and commercial insight .

Advice of risk management and internal controls

Forensic Audit:

We blend our knowledge of accounting and auditing with financial detective work to analyse often complex data to help flag areas that warrant further investigation.

Meet our Audit & Forensic team

Yandani Quma

Yondela Dhlamini

Gareth Haverly

Yushir Sewpersad

Grace Hoffman

Shelley Kippen

Tarryn Harty

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