Chantel Elliott | Fraud Detection
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Fraud Detection

All businesses, regardless of size or type, need proper governance principles to deter potential unethical behavior.

Our specialised forensic audits and investigations are intended to detect, prevent and respond to fraud, misconduct and general non-compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, policies and procedures in an organisation.

Fraud Detection Specialist

Chantel Elliott

Fraud Detection  Services

With the experience of the partners and the audit department we are often requested to review systems of internal control and seek any potential fraud. Our services in this sphere include:

  • Detecting fraud
  • Specifically by a client or becoming aware of fraud during normal audit
  • Preparing statements and affidavits for court
  • Attending court as expert witnesses
  • Advising internal control systems to help prevent fraud

Chantel is ably assisted by our Audit & Forensic team

Emre da Silva

Yondela Dhlamini

Gareth Haverly

Jade Strang

Shelley Kippen

Tarryn Harty

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