It’s been a few months now since Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) have made their way into both the web and mobile domains but are you fully aware of all the advantages and benefits they offer?

The web ecosystem has evolved quite a lot over the course of the past several years. The surge in mobile usage has totally changed our way of using the web. Mobile constraints, like limited space due to small screens, as well as a pointer much less precise than that on desktop (your finger), have pushed designers to create user interfaces that are far from what we were used to using in the early 2000’s. Clearer, more refined, and most importantly more intuitive, these interfaces figured out how to make their way onto larger screens as well – making it essential today to provide perfect user experience, regardless of the device being used.

PWA’s are the next generation apps, by combining the best of apps and the best of the web, offering an unparalleled experience all the way from mobile to desktop.

In addition, PWA’s which are available on the web directly from a URL, allow you to acquire on average 3 times more visibility than native apps do. The user experience that they offer leads users to stay 8 times longer than they do on classic websites.

PWA’s represent a new way to deliver incomparable user experience on the web, by offering features that have been reserved only for native apps up until now. In terms of usage, the number of smartphone users is incessantly increasing—the global percentage has jumped from 56% in 2013 to around 66% in 2018. Today, 57% of web surfers browse with the help of a mobile device, leaving estimations at over 61% by 2020.

Another indicator supporting this trend is Google’s recent move to modify its algorithm to favour sites that have perfect mobile versions. In time, Google algorithms will only use a site’s mobile version of its content to classify its pages, to understand data structures, and to show snippets of the site in search results.

As you can see, all odds are in favour of PWA’s being the new norm for web/mobile usage. Browser suppliers have got this message, as we can see through their efforts to implement all the technology necessary for them to work, so as to get to a point where PWA’s are completely universal.

We’re now facing a mega trend that’s going to revolutionize the way we use the web by having access to the best tools out there for developing your business.