Administration of Trusts

Chantel Elliott & Co not only do we draft trust deeds but we ensure that each trust is tailored to meet the requirements of the planner




Administration of Trusts Department

There is personal attention to detail regarding the individuals needs which incorporates the wills and estate planning of the planners. We ensure that all these documents relate to the personal financial and corporate backgrounds of our clients.

We administer both inter vivos and testamentary trusts. Inter vivos trusts are formed prior to death and plan up ahead in this way to minimize and to protect assets whereas a testamentary trust will be formed through the wording and drafting of a last will and testament.

In administration of trusts we offer the following service:


  • Full administration on behalf of trustees including keeping of minute books, financial statements, tax returns etc.
  • Ensuring investments are properly invested
  • Ensure that the wishes of the original planner of the trust are adhered to
  • Submission of all statutory returns
  • Payment of administrative expenses and payment to beneficiaries
  • Minimizing taxation

Chantel Elliott & Co has extensive experience in acting as an independent trustee on inter vivos trusts,including business trusts, employee benefit trusts, BEE trusts, family trusts and testamentary trusts.


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