Chantel Elliott | Business Recovery
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Business Recovery

You don’t start out in business or in your working life anticipating getting into financial difficulties but it is an ever present and ever more common risk.

If and when it happens you will need advice from experienced, professional business recovery and insolvency specialists to help you navigate your way through a complex problem but who will also understand the undoubted emotional difficulties you will be facing as well.

Business Recovery Specialist

Chantel Elliott

Business Recovery Services

In today’s tough economic climate businesses often find themselves having difficulties in meeting their financial commitments. Profitability and liquidity are compromised. Bankers and creditors seem to reach their tolerance levels quickly.


Where does a person in business turn to? At Chantel Elliot & Company we have the experience and expertise to guide our clients through – whether advising on basic management principles, re-structuring debt or utilizing the tools allowed in the business recovery sections of the new Companies Act, we will find a solution.

It is especially during these times that we can offer our business recovery services which would include:

  • A full review of the relevant financial records, policies and plans of the company
  • Review of the supply and marketing of the business goods and services
  • Review of management and staff performances
  • Acting as mentor to business owners and management
  • Preparation of appropriate business and action plans
  • Offer of initial preview of problems without charge
  • Financial planning
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