Chantel Elliott | Financial Reporting
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Financial Reporting

We provide an extensive range of financial accounting and reporting services with a comprehensive industry-focused approach

Financial Reporting Specialist

Chantel Elliott

Financial Reporting Services

All organizations, whether you’re a company, government entity or not-for-profit organization, face financial reporting challenges. Keep your organization successful by trusting Chantel Elliott & Co to anticipate potential issues, recommend innovative strategies and execute solutions that allow your organization to gain the necessary competitive advantage.

We specialize in all areas of financial reporting relating to small and medium sized entities (IFRS for SME’s). In the fast and ever changing world of financial reporting the partners and staff keep updated on the latest global standards of accounting.

We offer the following services in this specialization:

  • Advisory services and written opinions on IFRS for SME’s
  • Review financial statements to ensure compliance to IFRS for SME’s
  • Assisting with accounting conversion to IFRS for SME
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