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Estates and Wills Service

We are able to plan ahead and minimize the effects of estate duty and capital gains tax on death.


The advantage of using a smaller firm with estate work is that heirs often feel included in the process because of the personal link. Further, often monies have to be advanced to heirs during the process which is easier to arrange with a smaller firm as opposed to a lengthy bureaucratic process with large institutions, in particular the banks.


We offer the following Estates & Wills services:


  • ¬†Estate Duty plans
  • Advice on minimizing the taxes and costs on death
  • Estimating sufficient liquidity to pay costs on death
  • Drawing up an appropriate will that will agree with personal and estate planning
  • Administration of deceased estates
    Regular assessment of wills

For most people a simple Will is adequate, but we do not recommend standardized / shop purchased Wills as the Will my not properly reflect your intentions and one could overlook a formality which could result in your Will being invalid.


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